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Hello 👋 I'm Amin, a software engineer from KL, Malaysia 🇲🇾. I do freelance work as a developer under Tukang Dev.

I am specialised Full Stack Development. I code in Typescript & Flutter. I prefer deploying on a Docker container than running barenaked on a VPS. I can create static sites to fully featured web-apps (mobile too). I automate unit & integration testing with Jest and E2E testing with Cypress. I have developed applications with Cloud Platforms like AWS & GCP, also a big fan of Firebase. I am also a fan of using a CMS for my project, ranging from Wordpress all the way to Netlify CMS.

I game alot. I used to stream regularly on Twitch in 2018. I only managed to become an Affiliate on Twitch. I am not streaming games anymore as I don't see myself being comfortable turning the thing I love to do into a career. However, I still do stream sometimes nowadays, not as scheduled as before. I used to stream as long as 12 hours! That being said, I still game alot, offline. I have a Discord server. That's where I usually hangout.

I do enjoy drinking coffee at a cafe. I'm no connoiseur, but it's a great way for me to hangout with friends, get some work done and have meetings.

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MYA Studio
MYA Studio is a creative agency hailing from Manila, Philippines. The site was built on Wordpress. I only did a bit of touchup and detailing.
myastudio website
Amin Roslan's Portfolio
Built my portfolio using Gatsby, deployed to Netlify. I think this is the 4th iteration 😨
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Tukang.dev is home to a group of freelancers that are specialised in their own respective field. We offer solutions to problems. We help businesses by delivering quality products & services until the end.
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Discord Cognito OpenID Wrapper
This project is a forked. A small shim that allows AWS Cognito to talk to discord (by providing an OpenID wrapper around the Discord API). Initially it's to only work with Github, but I made some modifications to make it work with Discord API.
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Kountr is a counter app that is made easy to use for everyone. Even if you are as young as a baby, or old as a cassette, you can use it!
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Porting my Discord bot project into AWS Ecosystem
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